16 Istilah Penting Dalam Lisensi Software dan Produk Digital, Jangan Asal Pake!

Anjrahweb.COm – Saya bagikan kepada anda Istilah Penting Dalam Lisensi Software dan Produk Digital. Istilah ini penting di ketahui buat anda yang:

  • Mau Jadi Vendor / yang mau juala produk digital
  • Pembeli yang mau beli produk digital ( misal mau belanja di jvzoo atau pusat sofware online appsumo)
  • Konsultan marketing yang mau bantu arahkan orang jual produk digital
  • Copywriter yang agar nggak asal asalan nulis promonya seperti apa

Karena, kalau sampai salah menjelaskan di awal, bisa bermasalah akad akadnya. Parahnya anda sampai bisa bertengkar dengan para customer anda kalau sampai nggak clear di depan.

Kalau posisi anda sebagai pembeli, udah kadung beli malah salah persepsi. Itu juga bisa berabe urusannya. Ya ndak? Maka agar kita jadi pembeli cerdas, silakan saja langsung pahami istilahnya.

Bagi yang belum pernah lihat, ini sampelnya dari penawaran produk digital video robot yang lagi launching:
16 Istilah Penting Dalam Lisensi Software dan Produk Digital

Dikatakan disitu One time price price bla bla bla lalu Commercial License. Ya kan? ada banyak produk luar yang pakai bahasa istilah begini. Kalau di envanto ada istilah standar licence ada extended licence. Intinya dibaca klausul klausul pembeliannya sebelum kita transaksi. Udah pas sama yang kita mau atau enggak.

16 Istilah Penting Dalam Lisensi Software dan Produk Digital

Arun Pattnaik menjelaskan secara lengkap contoh offer dan lisensi yang biasa dipakai oleh orang jualan produk digital / saas di dunia online. Simak:

  1. LTD LifeTimeDeal. A one-time price for lifetime usage of a product. A ‘lifetime’ is until the service/company gets acquired (new top management) or gets shut down. Realistically, a ‘lifetime’ should mean 10-15 years. Plutio, Convertfox
  2. Lifetime Recurring Discount A % discount which auto-applies monthly/yearly as long as the subscription is active. Animatron, Crowdfire
  3. Personal non-commercial license You can use the service/product for your own projects where you can’t make money off it. meh
  4. Personal license You can use the service/product for your own projects. Airtable, Fieldbook
  5. Commercial license You can use the service/product for your clients’ projects or can sell the end product (e.g videos generated by a video tool) to clients. Reevio
  6. Agency license You can create and manage client websites/projects under your own account. Your clients may or may not have their own dashboards. You can either share resources from your own account limits (see sub-accounts) or purchase resources at a discounted rate from the deal provider. Leadworx
  7. Reseller license You can purchase additional licenses/resources at a discounted rate and sell them to your clients. ShortPixel
  8. Whitelabel You can rename the service/product, change the branding, and use your own domain. BetterProposals, CloudApp
  9. Whitelabel agency Same as whitelabel, but you can also sell sub-accounts to your clients as your own product/service. Your clients won’t get to see the original provider. Simvoly
  10. Whitelabel reseller You can completely rebrand the service/app and sell it (the entire product/service, not your own share) to your clients at your own markup. Funnelbake ($997)
  11. OTO One Time Offer. Usually bundled with LTDs (mostly with JVZOO), you’re given an upgrade (in resources, features or limits) at a one-time price. This is a cost separate from the original LTD price. MissingLettr Bolt-ons
  12. Premium Upgrade LTD buyers are usually offered upgrades to higher plans (with more resources, features and/or higher limits) at a discounted price (see Lifetime Recurring Discount) which is significantly lower than what non-LTD buyers would pay. Vooplayer Enterprise
  13. Premium Downgrade After upgrading (via a premium upgrade), LTD buyers can choose to cancel the recurring subscription and can still resume their LTD. —
  14. Stacking You can combine resources or limits upon buying multiple LTDs. Stacking is not allowed in some deals, while some other LTDs let you unlock additional features if you stack a certain number of deals. ZoConvert (+ limits), Plutio (+ features)
  15. Sub-accounts You can give access to your purchased resources to your clients. They may or may not have a dashboard. ShortPixel
  16. Affiliate You get a commission by selling a product/service to new users. —

Dari 16 Istilah Penting Dalam Lisensi Software dan Produk Digital di atas, mana aja yang sudah sering kamu jumpai kak?

Apa cuman 16? Enggak lah, pengalaman saya dulu launching produk digital, bikin saya nemu istilah istilah baru juga seperti:

  1. Front End / FE
  2. Product Funnel
  3. Salespage
  4. Opt In Page
  5. IPN Paypal
  6. Launch Strategy
  7. Upsell
  8. Downsell
  9. Amember
  10. Digital Access Pass, dll

Daaan lain sebagainya. Kira kira ada yang kepengen saya tulari ilmu launching produk digital kah? Buat pemula aja. Kalau pada tertarik komen mau dibawah ya. He he he. Gratis? enggak. Bayar, Rp 300rb aja pie? :D.


Coach Anjrah


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